November 12

8:30am-8:50amOpening Session

9:00am-9:40amLecture 1 (LEC1): A Smart Future: challenges and opportunitiesPresenter:Prof. Dr. José Roberto Boisson de Marca, PUC-RJ, Brazil
9:45am-10:50amSession 1 (PS1): Power Systems
16 – High Impedance Fault Detection in Distribution Systems: An Approach Based on Fourier Transform and Artificial Neural Networks

6 – Analysis of Traveling Waves Propagation Characteristics Considering Different Transmission Line EMTP Models

18 – Electromagnetic Interferences Between a Traction Line and a Pipeline with Real Soil Data

45 – A Power Transformer Event Classification Technique Based on Support Vector Machine

15 – Management of an Electrical Storage System for Joint Energy Arbitrage and Improvement of Voltage Profile

11:00am-12:00pmLecture 2 (LEC2): Traveling Wave Based Fault Location for Transmission LinesPresenter:Prof. Dr. Guangbin Zhang, Kunming University of Science and Technology, China
12:00 pm – 13:00 pmLecture 7 (LEC7): Deep Learning Based Approach for User Monitoring in Autonomous DrivingPresenter:Prof. Dr. Achim Rettberg, Hochschule Hamm-Lippstadt, Germany

2:00pm-3:00pmLecture 3 (LEC3): Protection in Power Systems with Converter-Interfaced GenerationPresenter:Prof. Dr. Ali Hooshyar, University of Toronto, Canada
3:10pm-4:15pmSession 2 (PS2): Power Systems

58 – Phasor Estimation Algorithms Based on the Discrete Hartley Transform

51 – Performance Assessment of a Wavelet-Based Differential Protection scheme in the Inter-Turn Fault detection in a Transformer

31 – Segmentation and Entropy Coding Analysis of a Data Compression System for Power Quality Disturbances.

60 – Electrical Noise Simulation: A Practical Approach for ATP/ATPDraw Studies

24 – Transient Voltages on Lightning Protection System with Stratied Soils and Damage Conditions

4:20pm-4:50pmLecture 4 (LEC4): Large-Capacity Multi-Infeed HVDC Configuration in the Southeast RegionPresenter:Prof. Dr. Nelson Martins, Academia Nacional de Engenharia, Brazil
5:00pm-5:30pmLecture 5 (LEC5): Integration of Relay Models in Phasor-Based Dynamic Simulation ToolsPresenter:Prof. Dr. Glauco N. Taranto, UFRJ, Brazil
5:40pm-6:30pmSession 3 (PS3): Power Systems

14 – Analysis of the Frequency Dependent Lumped Parameter Transmission Line Model

38 – Generalized Power Grid Reduction Technique

20 – Electromagnetic Interferences Between Power Lines and Pipelines Using EMTP Techniques

23 – A case study of the maximization of daily revenue of hydroelectric power-plant in Brazilian Power Market


November 13

9:00am-10:00amLecture 6 (LEC8): On Beamforming and Bumblebees: Connecting Vehicles TogetherPresenter:Prof. Dr. Alexander Wyglinski, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Massachusets, EUA
10:10am-11:00amSession 4 (CN1): Communication Networks

37 – Design of Ku-Band Filters and Diplexer for a Heterodyne Transceiver Using Coupled Open-Loop Resonator Cells

33 – Ku Band Metallic Via Through Interconnect-Stripline Capacitive Transitions for Non-Standard PCB Via Setup Using

34 – RF Front-End Receiver for Vehicular Satellite Communications and LNA GaAs FET Design in Ku-Band

35-RF SP4T PIN Diode Switch for Mobile Satellite Communication System at Ku-band


Lecture 8 (LEC8): Deep Learning Based Approach for DDoS Detection


M.Sc. João Paulo Maranhão,
Universidade de Brasília,

2:00pm-3:00pmLecture 9 (LEC6): Tensor Modeling for Large Array Processing in Wireless CommunicationsPresenter:Prof. Dr. André de Almeida, Universidade Federal do Ceará, Brazil
3:10pm-4:45pmSession 5 (CN2): Communication Networks

50 – Decision support framework for the stock market using deep reinforcement learning

44 – Sensor fusion of camera and LiDAR raw data for vehicle detection

62 – Improved localization framework for autonomous vehicles via tensor and antenna array based GNSS receivers

43 – A SHA-3 Co-Processor for IoT Applications

48 – Machine vs Bot: tuning machine learning models to detect bots on Twitter

59 – IoT Fog-based Image Matching Monitoring System for Physical Access Control through IP Camera Devices

5:00pm-5:30pmClosing Session